About Us

Communication is key to the success of any system or organisation. Where communication is slow or disjointed or there is more than one source of truth, risk and error are the result.

Medi-Map is a platform and conduit for live communication between health service providers in the facility based care environment.

Medi-Map has electronic charting and recording of medication administration to residents in care. It brings clarity to all providers of care – nursing staff, pharmacy and doctors – and can provide accurate information on admission to secondary hospital care.

All development involves extensive and ongoing consultation with key users to ensure Medi-Map is user friendly, intuitive and follow best practice guidelines for medication administration, recording and prescribing.

Medi-Map brings clarity to all providers of care- nursing, pharmacy and prescribers and provides accurate, up to date information if a patient is seen or assessed by other health providers within primary or secondary care.

Medi-Map’s electronic medicine charts and medication administration records are easy to read and form the basis of the audit and reporting modules. These allow reports to be generated looking at staff time management, antibiotic use for infection reporting, prescribed therapeutic groups of medicines, administration outcomes and reasons, individual resident reports, resident review date tracking, ward stock usage and stock ordering and control.

Designed by people with extensive experience in the facility based care sector and wider health sector  to work towards an age of better service provision, care and communication.

One Source of Truth

  • CLOUD based medication charting and management
  • Medi-Map links all health service providers into one interface –One Source of medicine TRUTH
  • Real Time notifications
  • Medicine administration recording
  • PRN medication management – administration times, doses available in 24 hour period control and reasons for administration or medicine
  • Live resupply requesting from pharmacy – Medi-Map calculates average medication consumption to forecast resupply quantities and tracked who requested, pharmacy response and medicine check in to facility function
  • Stock control –Ward stock templates for requesting medicines from pharmacy for ward use. This includes stock control and integrated electronic Controlled Medicine reporting
  • Reports and Audit tools – Administration reports, time frames, medication reports and therapeutic group reporting, staff activity and not-administered reports
  • Charted medicine changes automatically notified to facility and pharmacy in real time
  • Instant messaging between prescriber, facility and pharmacy
  • Integrated E-Prescriptions
  • Prescribers can access and amend medicine charts from any location with the ability to instantly change a chart or create a pending change at a future date
  • Corporate view where multi-facility reports and audits can be run from a head office location