• User friendly interface specifically designed for care facility staff
  • Safe, secure electronic charts and medication administration module
  • Meets Australia standards
  • Medication details are always up to date, accurate and trustworthy
  • Quick view on medicines given to a resident ‘today’
  • Reminds if staff miss a non-packed regular item at all dose times
  • Short course reminder – short course medicines are always checked
  • Resupply requests for non-packed & PRN medicines live to pharmacy with audit & supply tracking
  • Comprehensive syringe driver module – tracks construction, administration and observations
  • Full reports, actions, staff, therapeutic medicine groups, analysis & audit log
  • Off-line capability
  • Care plan integration


  • Medi-Map works in any pharmacy – the packaging decision is left up to pharmacy/facility
  • Notification of chart changes to pharmacy in real time
  • The prescriber can make changes from any location to ensure all charts are always authorised for supply and administration of medicines
  • Medi-Map can produce .dat, .csv or .xml files for robotic packaging machines for direct packaging from chart
  • Pharmacy can edit certain chart aspects – Dose time, generic/brand switch & add indication or warning details
  • Medi-Map is working on direct eRX integration


  • Access and manage chart from anywhere internet available
  • Allergies and intolerances are clearly displayed
  • All chart changes are automatically notified to the facility and pharmacy in real time
  • Medication administration records can be viewed to facilitate good clinical decisions
  • Intuitive medicine list, to make medicine selection faster and simpler
  • Forward date stops and starts as needed to match clinical decisions (e.g. titrations) or to match pharmacy pack supply cycles to reduce repacking waste