What Our Customers say (4 mins)

Manager, Bene Aged Care

“Our nurses have really benefitted in the change from paper charts to electronic due to: time saving in communicating to pharmacy and doctors, time saving in signing medication charts with a massive reduction in missed signatures, great reporting system and the ability for all nurses and managers to look at a residents medication chart from their computers”

Dr Tony Crea BSc MBBS, Aged Care Practitioner

“Medi-Map has changed medical management for the better. It should be instituted in all age care facilities. It works extremely well, is easy to set up and use and saves a vast amount of non-clinical time. This has improved patient care and time management as I now have much more time to concentrate on residents rather than paper”

Anghus Hall , Pharmacist

“As the first Pharmacy to implement the Medi-Map platform in Australia we have noticed enhanced workflows within daily operations which has led to improvement across all services of the business”